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Welcome to Joyful Journeys, a heartwarming podcast that shines a spotlight on the incredible triumphs and uplifting stories within the special needs community. Join us as we amplify voices, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate the unwavering resilience of individuals who inspire us all. Tune in to be inspired, moved, and uplifted by the remarkable journeys of those who embody courage and joy in the face of challenges.

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the host

Joy Light is the compassionate host of the Joyful Journeys podcast and a dedicated special education teacher of over 20 years. Having worked with children of all ages and diverse special needs, Joy brings a unique perspective to her teaching approach. Born with disabilities and having endured bullying in her own school years, she is deeply committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment in her classroom and on this podcast. Joy's mission is to empower the special needs community by reminding them that they are all shining stars with valuable gifts to share with the world. Through her work, she inspires others to embrace their uniqueness and spread joy wherever they go.

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